PXR Pokémon Artist Collab

Inspired by the Shonen Jump covers that feature all of the recent characters all together, this is a project meant to bring as many Pokémon artists together as possible for one giant collaborative image!

Please submit your images or questions to [email protected]

About Pokémon Crossroads

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About the Project

This is a project inspired by the Shonen Jump covers that feature all of the recent characters all together. In an effort to bring together Pokémon artists from all corners of the fandom, we wanted to put together a gigantic collaborative effort that artists could contribute to! Thus, this project was born!

Below are a couple examples of what we had in mind for how the project will turn out.

On the left is one of the aforementioned Shonen Jump covers and on the right is a group picture of a bunch of Shaymin OCs that the main artist who will be handling this project, NobleJanobii, did during Art Fight this past year.

NobleJanobii will be the one designing the background and putting together all the images once they have all been submitted due to her previous experience with projects of this nature.

Current Status: Accepting Entries


While nothing is set in stone, here is our current tentative schedule:

Submissions are open starting in October through the end of November.

Background is designed and all images put together by NobleJanobii in late November/early December.

Final project is released sometime during the month of December.


As with any project, there are a few rules that you need to follow in order to participate in this project. If you do not follow them, your entry will not be included, simple as that.

The rules are as follows:

An artist may submit up to 3 characters to be included in the image.

The characters have to be of your own original creations and cannot be pre-existing characters within the Pokémon universe (i.e. Ash Ketchum).

Characters must be related to Pokémon in some way but do not have to be Pokémon themselves. This means that humans as trainers or rangers, etc., are allowed. Fusions, Pokésonas, Crossbreeds, Variants, Gijinkas, etc. are all allowed as well.

Any art or characters submitted to the project must be SFW.

We have a zero tolerance policy for NSFW related content and artists will not be permitted to resubmit if they violate this rule.

Images submitted to the project need to be full body pictures. There are no rules on how the characters are posed so long as it is SFW.

Digital images must be saved as a .PNG with a transparent background. They must also have a 300dpi resolution as we will likely need to resize the images when putting everything together.

Traditional and Pixel art images may also be submitted but please be aware that they need to be sized accordingly and there may be some shift in quality since this will be a large canvas.

Please submit your images or questions to [email protected]